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If you oppose horse slaughter, please e-mail us today and add your organization's name to the list of supporters. HOOFPAC has only one mission: to end horse slaughter. HOOFPAC does not compete in the marketplace with other horse organizations, rather it represents their political interests. United the horses win, unorganized they continue to be slaughtered.

HOOFPAC Organizations

These organizations, in alphabetical order, have joined HOOFPAC to end the slaughter of America's horses for the foreign markets.

Combined memberships and individuals exceed 100,000

  • Arezo Arabians (NC)
    Brooks Johnson, Founder

  • BITS (NY)
    Lynn Cross, Founder

  • B.I.T.S. Stable (PA)
    Robert & Teri Kephart, Founders

  • Bright Futures Farm (PA)
    Beverlee Dee, Founder

  • Katie Brophy, Esq. (KY)
    Won Landmark Slaughter Case

  • California Equine Council (CA)
    Cathleen Doyle, Founder

    Nancy Scott, Founder

  • Carpe Diem (NY)
    Anja Frazier, Founder

  • Central Virginia Horse Protection Association (VA)
    Janet Lewis, Founder

  • Cowboys Prayer For Horses (TX)
    Kimberly Covington, Founder

  • Dreamcatcher Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary (CA)
    Barbara Clark and Deborah Ellsworth, Founders

  • Equestrian Trails, Inc. (CA)
    Corrall 77

  • Equine Advocates (NY)
    Susan Wagner, Founder

  • Equine Protection Network (PA)
    Christine Berry, Founder

  • Equine Rescue, Inc (NY)
    Mike & Lynda Broas, Founder

  • Equine Rescue Resource (NY)
    Colleen Segarra, Founder

  • Equus Sanctuary (CA)
    Linda Moss, Founder

  • The Filly Project (CA)
    Bonnie Stoehn, Founder

  • For the Love of Horses, Inc (PA)
    Mary Wisniewski, Founder

  • Habitat for Horses (TX)
    Jerry Finch, Founder

  • Harness Horse Retirement & Youth Association (PA)
    Anne McCloskey, Founder

  • Heaven's Gait Horse Sanctuary (TX)
    Terry & R. T. Fitch, Founders

  • Homecoming Farm, Inc. (MA)
    Sheila Lyons, Ph.D., DVM, Founder

  • Hooved Animal Welfare Council (PA)
    Linda Wheeler, Founder

  • Hope for Horses (NC)
    Whitney Wright, founder

  • H.O.R.S.E. (FL)
    Paula Carver, Founder

  • Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, Inc. (GA)
    Cheryl Flanagan, Founder

  • Indiana Horse Rescue (IN)
    Kathryn Caldwell, Founder

  • Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue (CA)
    Jill Starr, Founder

  • Montana Large Animal Sanctuary & Rescue (MT)
    Kathryn Warrington, Founder

  • The Natural Horse Vet (TN)
    Dan Moore, DVN
  • New York State Humane Association (NY)
    Sue McDonough, President

  • Noah's Ark, The Horse Rescue Group (NY)
    Sue Felder, Founder

  • The Paper Horse Magazine (PA)
    Connie Fenner, Founder

  • Pixie Project (CA)
    Gini Richardson, Founder

  • Protect the Equines of Texas (TX)
    Jana Caldwell, Founder

  • Redwings Horse Sanctuary (CA)
    Stephanie Bruzzese, Board of Directors

  • Retirement Home For Horses, Inc. (FL)
    Peter & Mary Gregory, Founders

  • Return To Freedom AKA The American Wild Horse Sanctuary (CA)
    Neda DeMayo, Founder

  • Safe Haven Horse Rescue and Sanctuary
    Linda, Chair

  • Save Our Horses (MA)
    Susan Wagner, Chair

  • Sound Horse Organization
    Bonnie A. Yeager, founder

  • Spirits of the Wind Equine Foster Facility (TX)
    Angela Stevenson, Founder

  • TIER (CA)
    Gail Garrett, Founder

  • The Tiergarten Sanctuary & Trust (PA/Germany)
    Jim Willis & Nicole Valentin, Founders

  • Tranquility Farm (CA)
    Pricilla Clark, Founder

  • Wind Ridge Farm Equine Sanctuary (PA)
    Karen McCarthy

"Keep America's horses in the stable and off the table!"


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